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Smart Dash CameraHome to America’s favorite, highly rated and affordably priced dash cameras.  Drive with confidence knowing that every mile and minute will be recorded in HD video  ready to be used in your defense. The cameras can be used in a variety of applications from protecting your CDL as a professional truck driver to monitoring inexperienced drivers as they commute to and from school and work. A Dash Camera is  the right choice for all drivers as it allows you to be comfortably in control in most any driving situation. 

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A Dash Camera is the Ultimate Eyewitness

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a dash cam video may tell a visual story that releases you from serious liability concerns in the case of an automotive accident. It is extremely critical to have near total recall of the events that lead up to a vehicle accident or incident, but experience has proven that human eyewitness accounts are often faulty and frequently misleading.

You can now have the “Video Eyewitness” you need with the any one of the Dash Cameras from DashCamUSA.com. These affordable, portable, high quality, full HD Dash Cam DVR's continuously record all your road travels. Already favorites in the trucking industry the DashCamUSA dashboard cameras  are also perfect for the daily commuter who needs a reliable and ready witness if involved in a traffic accident that was the fault of another driver.

Why risk higher insurance premiums, traffic citations and other potential legal obstacles that could damage your lifestyle and reputation when an easy and affordable solution is available – a dash camera from DashCamUSA.com

All of our car dvr cameras simply plug into your car or trucks universal 12 volt (cigarette) outlet and immediately start recording whenever you turn on your vehicles ignition.  There is no need for a professional installer as a camera taken straight from its packaging to full operation can be completed in just a few short minutes.

No one can predict when an vehicle accident or incident will happen, but owning a Dash Cam from DashCamUSA.com may keep you free from trouble and in the driver’s seat.

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